HIPAA Compliant Solutions on AWS

Healthcare in the Cloud

Whether it’s building a new application or migrating existing systems to Amazon Web Services, Cloudticity has you covered. We’re experts in coding, migrating, and managing healthcare applications in the Amazon cloud. With some of the largest HIPAA-compliant solutions on AWS, we’re ready to get you more secure, more reliable, more performant, and more cost optimized than you’ve ever dreamed.

No Limitations

Cloudticity serves a wide range of customers in the Healthcare industry, with millions of people’s ePHI under our stewardship.

Application Development and Migration

Leverage the tremendous security, availability, and performance of AWS, save dramatic amounts of money, and kick your organization into an agile future.

AWS Architecture for HIPAA

Ensure your applications are secure, your applications are always available, your information is never lost, and your customer experience is exhilarating.

DevOps Like You’ve Never Seen

Your infrastructure is now part of your codebase. Automate everything. Let your humans focus on providing value. Let computers manage computers.

AWS HIPAA Managed Services

Simply put, Cloudticity makes sure your systems are always up and running. All the time, every time. We make Amazon Web Services work for you.

It’s about time.

Cloudticity helps you wrangle the cloud, safely and securely. You can rest assured your ePHI is safe because Cloudticity has your back. Your organization runs better, more efficiently, and your systems are always available.

Power. Say hello to Cloudticity Oxygen™.

Innovative managed services for AWS

Cloudticity manages your HIPAA-compliant AWS applications and environment 24x7x365, so you can focus on the things that add value to your business. Our unique blend of tools, automation, and expertise makes sure you get the most out of Amazon Web Services. We continuously focus on ensuring your system’s security, reliability, performance, and cost-effectiveness.

Our customers love us

We build long-term relationships with our customers, and their referrals are our primary source of new business.